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Underwear: from corsets to bullet bras and back

As recently as 70 years ago, foundation garments, as corsets were called, were fundamental to the way that women dressed. This film features author Eleri Lynn shot in one of the V&A's most evocative storerooms as she leads us on a tour of a long hidden world. Eleri's brief history of shapewear starts with the hourglass and S-bend forms - and steel and whalebone engineering - of Victorian and Edwardian corsets carries on through the breast-flattening bandeau bras worn by 1920s flappers, the New Look underwear of Christian Dior, the conicle bullet bras of the 1950s and concludes with the arrival of Lycra in the 1960s and the renaissance of corsetry through the new popularity of burlesque.

Brad Pitt for Rolex (Old ADV)



Samantha Gradoville for L’Express Styles, March 2012

Tsumori Chisato Fall 2012: Eye-Popping Swiss Ski Style at Paris Fashion Week PFW

PARIS - Tsumori Chisato's Fall/Winter 2012-2013 collection at Paris Fashion Week was inspired by a vacation in Switzerland. We weren't surprised by the ski slope backdrop and not so much by the slashes and squiggles. We were, however, surprised by the immense use of color in this collection. Sure, ski style was there (those tight scuba-like pants, the ski sweaters), but we didn't expect it to be eye-popping colorful. Of course, amidst a noticeably darker theme running through the Fall 2012 collections this season, that wasn't such a bad thing. Chisato also played it cool with the knits, sequins, and the photo prints, which she showcased through snow covered trees, ski slopes, and ski lifts. It's like she took photos of her trip and developed them into garments. We guess these are the best kind of souvenirs.

Nice photoshoot!!!!!!

Дага Зиобер (Daga Ziober) в новой фото сессии Natalia Alaverdian

Тина (Tina) в новой фотосессии Ксая Синсона (Xi Sinsong)

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