Saturday, 4 February 2012

Ganadores del Certamen de Diseñadores Noveles de Moda Flamenca en SIMOF

Vibrant Spirit Winter 2012 at Jakarta Fashion Week

JAKARTA - The first model from KLE's Simplified Complexity show to walk down the runway wears a sign on her head stating, "Don't be late. Start a debate" followed by another that read, "All heels all eyes stop all the cries." This particular show at Jarkarta Fashion Week truly illuminated the vibrant spirit of Jakarta, Indonesia, with its simplified complexity. Many statements were made during the course of the show--some models aren't even wearing shoes! Models also sported fashion lines by designers Anastasia Hoeng, Zacky Gaficky, and Adesagi Kierana. Two words to describe this show: bold and beautiful.

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